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Travelling to Europe? Don’t miss these currency management tips!


With the introduction of the Euro, managing your money in Europe became enormously simpler. However, the currency exchange problems remain, and here’s how you can eliminate them.

Exchange some money before you leave

Exchanging money at the airport isn’t a great idea. Get a few some Euros before you leave, just in case you need to buy something. Having 50-100 Euros in your pocket on arrival will ensure you kick-start your trip stress-free.

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Use prepaid Forex cards

Traveller’s cheques are a thing of the past. The easiest way of forex exchange in most European nations is by simply using your foreign travel card. You will always get the best forex exchange rate.

Choose ATMs over exchange booths

When you take money out of an ATM with your Forex card, you will get the best rate. Banks usually give the best forex exchange rates to each other, so this will cost you lesser than going to a money exchange booth. Be sure to call your bank up ahead of time to check if your ATM pin works in Europe. It is usually best to have a standard 4-digit pin.

Notify your financial institutions

The last thing you want on your trip is a declined travel card. Inform your banks ahead of time to tell them you’re going to Europe. That way, if the company starts seeing several huge transactions in a foreign country, they won't deactivate your card for safety purposes

Know the conversion rates

While you are on your trip to Europe, you will want to have a fair idea of how much you are actually spending. This is difficult if you don't comprehend the currency conversion between Euros and your own nation's currency. Follow these simple tips and enjoy your trip. Bon Voyage!


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