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4 Tips to Ensure Great Currency Exchange Rates


While traveller’s cheques have been popular for ages, they are now history. Get the best currency exchange rate on your forex card, so you can maximize the advantage on your deal. Keep these tips in mind for great exchange rates:

Avoid Airports

Don’t let the money fly out of your grasp. Unless it’s an emergency, do not exchange your foreign currency at the airport before you fly. Currency exchange rates at airports are far less favourable and also necessitate a set commission for the exchange.

Get in touch

Watch out for the term “Commission Free”

Because it often does not mean commission-free exchange. Commission-free deals often modify the exchange rate in their favour so as to recoup the lost commission.

Remember: ATMs > Exchange Counters.

Whenever possible, always withdraw money from your account at an ATM rather than at an exchange counter.

Get a Forex card

It’s all in the card! Get a Forex card that best suits your foreign travelling prerequisites, and particularly, a card that doesn't add additional percentages to a standard conversion rate. See what works best at the destination you will be visiting. Is there anything else you’d like to know about getting the best exchange rates? Get in touch with us, we’ll be glad to help. Bon Voyage!


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