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4 Major Benefits To Enjoy With A Travel Forex Card


Since the advent of plastic money has come into being, people prefer to go cashless. While travelling going cashless is easier, cheaper, and a safer option during currency exchange. Find out why one should opt for prepaid forex cards:

You Get Good Exchange Rates Compared To Cash

Most of the individuals aren't aware of the fact that converting money into a prepaid forex card fetches them a better conversion rate than getting foreign currency. You get more value of money by converting into a prepaid card during currency exchange than converting your home currency straight into foreign currency.

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Prepaid Forex Cards Are A Safer Choice Than Cash In Hand

It is evident that handling large amount of cash, is a tough task for many of us. Moreover, carrying hard currency to a foreign land makes the tourists susceptible to robberies. Thus, it is better to compare forex cards India and buy a suitable prepaid card that is PIN-enabled and is safer owing to in-built chip. It is recommended that one must carry low cash while travelling abroad. Carrying plastic money is a much better and convenient option during travels.

A Prepaid Forex Travel Card Is Replaceable

Once you have lost your cash, there are dicey probabilities of recovering it. Honestly, that is next to impossible. Thus, you are counseled to convert your money to a prepaid travel card. In case you have lost your card, you can get it blocked within few minutes and get a replacement card activated. The balance from your former card is transferred in the new card. International tourists often get their replacement card with the original Forex kit; however, you should keep the substitute card safe at your hotel or hand it over to your fellow tourist.

Carry Multiple Currencies With You

If you are planning to travel to several countries on your global trip, then most probably you will end up carrying currencies of diverse nations in a single bag. However, a prepaid travel card is a smart card that allows you to store various currencies and then detects the nation where one uses it. You need not to panic about shuffling between diverse wallets carrying varied currencies and safety of your cash. The preloaded local currency will automatically get deducted from your card.


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