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The Ultimate Guide to Cutting Costs on International Trips


Holidays should be soothing, not stressful. And with the right planning, you can make it so.

First, pick your destination and choose the right time

Peak season is not a good idea if you want to reduce spends. Compare rates across diverse dates and find one you’re comfortable with.

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Book your flight tickets as early as possible

The cost of air tickets varies across different days of the week and holidays. Compare prices and book your flight. Plan in advance because rates usually increase closer to the date. This will also give you more time to save up for your tour.

Avoid the panic of carrying cash with a Forex card.

Carrying a lot of cash isn’t safe, so why take that risk? A prepaid card is the best way to take your money with you and ensure you stick to your budget. Besides, you will be avoiding those overdrafts on your bank account and will not cross your limit on your credit card. You will also be able to withdraw cash with your prepaid card. Just like your debit card, you can use it at any ATM where Visa or MasterCards are accepted! So, it’s both secure and convenient.

Pay for whatever you can online, in advance

There are certain expenses you’ll be sure of, such as accommodation and car rentals. Pay those online before your trip, so you can be carefree on your holiday or business trip. You will feel relieved when you have left your credit cards at home and carried very little cash. You can relax because the money for your expenses is already reserved on your prepaid currency exchange card! What’s more, you can also use this card for international money transfer. So, you now know how to have a truly happy journey. Go on, plan your next vacation.


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