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Why Traveller’s Cheques Are History


The very thought of going abroad is exciting. From exploring new places to meeting new people and experiencing a variety of cultures and cuisines, it truly is electrifying!

But international holidays come with a great deal of planning. While visas, hotel bookings and the weather are taken into account, one important aspect that we usually save for later is exchanging money to obtain foreign currency. We all need a secure and convenient way to carry our cash. And the best way to do this used to be traveller’s cheques, until Forex cards came about. Read on to know why forex travel card are better than traveller’s cheques.

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Cards are easy to handle

You can simply swipe your forex card or withdraw money whenever necessary. However, traveller’s cheques have a pre-fixed amount which is printed in advance. It has to be signed and endorsed to be considered valid.

Cards are convenient

Once you’ve got your travel card from your bank, it’s all up to you. You choose when and where you’d like to spend it, and transactions become very convenient. However, with traveller's cheques, you have some parties involved. Moreover, once your cheques are gone, it can be troublesome to get more.

Cards are eco-friendly

You go paper-less with forex cards. Traveller’s cheques still entail you to use paper funds. So, the next time you are travelling, take these cards with you for a safe and hassle-free holiday.


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