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Forex Card For Saudi Arabia


Arjun was a travel blogger. Just a few months back he left his job to turn into a travel blogger. Travelling and writing were his passion and he wasn’t getting much scope for traveling with his job as a Civil Engineer. So, he left his job and decided to pursue his passion. Just in a year, he had established himself and now, he was traveling to Riyadh in Saudi Arabia to experience the plush lifestyle of the place.

Arjun was keen to explore the awe-inspiring skyline of Riyadh. Of course, Al Faisaliyah Center topped his list. It was the glitziest skyscraper in entire Riyadh. He wanted to take his camera and tripod and capture the endless panorama of the city from the observation deck of Al Faisaliyah Center. Contrasting to the ultra-modern Al Faisaliyah Center, Al Masmak Castle was another place of interest that fascinated Arjun. The Castle was the best place to get a glimpse of the history of Saudi Arabia. It showcased exhibits from the old civilisation of the Kingdom the included old photographs, traditional Saudi houses, costumes, antique guns and other items.

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He wanted to get the local flavour of the Kingdom and that’s why his itinerary included exploring the local souks in Riyadh. He had heard about the famous Deerah Souk which was located just behind the Masmak Fort. The souks are the best place to get exotic Saudi carpets, lanterns, shawls, scented oils, and spices.

But before everything else, Arjun wanted to get a Forex card to manage his expenses in Saudi Arabia. He didn’t know which was the best travel card for Saudi Arabia! His friends who frequently travelled abroad suggested him to get a travel card from the IndusInd bank.

Best Travel Card for Saudi Arabia

IndusInd Bank offers the best travel card for Saudi Arabia. The card is extremely convenient to use and is one of the most preferred cards by travellers. Just the way you use your credit or debit card, you can use this card for carrying out any transactions (from paying bills at shops, hotels, and petrol pumps to taxis). What more? In case you need immediate money, use the Forex card to withdraw money from ATMs. Here are a few benefits of IndusInd Forex travel card for Saudi Arabia:

• The Forex card from IndusInd Bank has a high-security chip embedded in it.
• You can use it for any transaction abroad and you do not have to pay any extra money or charge for that. Just swipe your card and pay your bills.
• You will receive instant alerts for all transactions. In this way, you can track your expenses easily.
• You can load your card either with a single currency or multiple currencies. The IndusInd bank offers multi-currency Forex. You can load up to eight currencies on a single card.



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