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Raagini was still in a state of trance. She couldn’t believe that she was accepted at the University of British Columbia. It was one of the top universities in Canada, and Raagini was going there for studying MBA. It was like a dream come true for her. Her parents were equally excited as Raagini was their only child.

Raagini finally arrived in Vancouver and started her classes. She is a brilliant student. Slowly she began to get accustomed to the campus life. She was staying in a rented apartment a few miles away from the campus. She was sharing the rent with two other girls from The Netherlands. There was no one to guide her about how to get along with things. She was especially worried about her expenses. She was searching for a part time job so that she could earn some extra money so that she could buy a new laptop. But nothing was working out. She didn’t want to ask her father for help, but she was left with no choice. So, finally, Raagini asked her father to send her money so that she could support herself till she gets a job in Canada.

Back in India, her father wanted to send the money as quickly as possible. But he was clueless about how to transfer money to Canada . His neighbours suggested him to do a wire transfer to Canada and asked him to visit the IndusInd Bank.

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Wire Transfer to Canada

Transferring money to the overseas account is a lot easier now. With the wire transfer service by the IndusInd Bank, you can now easily transfer money to Canada. This is the most preferred way of transferring money to overseas accounts. To do a wire transfer to Canada, you have to visit the Bank and talk to the officials. Even if you do not have an account in the bank, you can still do a wire transfer. You have to provide details such as address proof, identity proof, and any other documents as demanded by the officials and then they can help you with the process. It takes two to four business days for completing the transaction.

Do Money transfer to Canada Online
If you do not want to visit the bank, you can still transfer money online with the IndusInd Bank. You have to activate your net banking services with the Bank and log into your net banking account using the username and password provided by the bank. Check the money transfer option and then provide details such as the amount that you want to transfer along with the account number and the SWIFT code of the recipient’s bank.


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