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Send Money Abroad


If you want to send money abroad, then you can use the money transfer options by the IndusInd Bank. They’re secure and convenient. With the help of these services you can instantly send money overseas to your family members, friends and other loved ones. The IndusInd Bank offers wire transfer services net banking services through which you can send money abroad.

Send Money Abroad Using Wire Transfer

The wire transfer services provided by the IndusInd Bank is the most secure and reliable way to send money overseas online. The financial transaction is conducted through the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication or SWIFT. The SWIFT is a legalised network that makes sure that your money is transferred securely. All the major financial institution and banks, including the IndusInd Bank, is a member of SWIFT.

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Using the wire transfer service by the IndusInd Bank, you can transfer foreign currencies such as Saudi Riyal, American Dollar, Canadian and Singaporean dollar, British Pound Sterling, UAE Dirham, Japanese Yen, and Swiss Franc, to name a few. Wire transfer service is very fast. It takes only two to four business days for the transaction to complete.

You need to have an account with the bank for using their transfer service. However, if you do not have an account, still you can do a wire transfer. In that case, you have to separately provide your identification proof, address proof, and account details of the recipient and other documents as demanded by the bank.

For doing a wire transfer, you have to visit the bank. You have to give the account details of the recipient to the bank so that they can carry out the wire transfer. You cal also transfer money from home through net banking.

Send money overseas online

For sending money to overseas bank accounts, you do not need to visit the bank. You can use the net banking services offered by IndusInd Bank. For that, you have to activate the service. The bank will provide you with a username and password for accessing the net banking service. All you need to do is log into your net banking account using the username and password provided by the bank. Choose the money transfer option. Provide the desired amount you want to transfer along with the account details of the recipient for transferring money.

You can transfer money to overseas accounts for the following purposes or requirements:
• Employment
• Immigration
• Maintenance of loved ones
• Visa Fee
• Medical purpose
• Educational purpose
• Registration/ subscription/membership fee of any international institute or organisation
• Transfer money for arranging tours
• Examination Fee
• Participation in International Events
• For consultancy
• Conference/ Conference Fee/ Specialised Training
• Skill assessment fee for migrants


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