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Send Money To Japan


For his yearly holiday, Abhishek decided to visit his friend who was staying in Kyoto, Japan. His friend was staying in Japan for about seven years and was well acquainted with the language and the culture.

After landing in Japan, Abhishek got intrigued by the simple way of life of the people and the beautiful landscape of the country. His friend helped him explore the city. Abhishek visited the ancient sites in Kyoto. This is a city which also served as Japan’s capital from 794 to 1868. As one of the most ancient cities, Kyoto is filled with rich history. He visited Kinkakuji. Abhishek was mesmerised by the site of the golden villa. He also visited the historical site of Ryoanji. He also visited Himeji-jō, one of the most magnificent castles in Japan. This building is also known as Shirasagi-jō or the White Egret Castle. This castle is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Abhishek explored the Shinto shrine Tōshō-gū. Nestled amidst nature, the picturesque setting of the shrine is a visual delight.

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Abhishek wanted to buy some traditional Japanese items, and Kyoto was the best place to shop for these items. They went to downtown Kyoto. Abhishek bought some antiques, lacquerware, ceramics, yukata or light robes for summer, and woodblock prints. Once back at his friend’s place, Abhishek realised that he’d spent a major portion of the money he was carrying. He borrowed some money from his friend.

After coming back to India, Abhishek now wanted to return the money to his friend. But he didn’t know how to do that. One of his friends suggested him to wire transfer the money to Japan .

Wire transfer to Japan

Transferring money to Japan is not a hassle anymore. You can avail wire transfer services offered by the IndusInd Bank. This is a convenient and secure way for transferring money to overseas accounts. The money is transferred through an international network called SWIFT or the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. All major financial institutions including the IndusInd Bank is a member of SWIFT. To do a wire transfer - you have to visit the bank and give other information such as the full name of the recipient, address and bank account number. You also have to provide the SWIFT number of the recipient's bank, the bank name and full address.

Money Transfer to Japan through Net Banking
If you do not want to visit the bank and still want to transfer money, then you can easily do that through net banking. All you need to do is log into your net banking account with the username and password provided by the bank. Once you have logged in, put the account details of the recipient along with the desired amount and the SWIFT details to complete the transfer.



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