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The Best Way To Transfer Money To Japan


Rahul first heard about Kyushu from his friend Arun who was staying in Central Honshu, Japan for the past five years. Arun was there for a work-related purpose and it was his last year in Japan. After that, he was supposed to join his company’s branch in Delhi. He had explored most of the parts in Japan and asked Rahul to visit Japan before he left for India. Rahul heard that Kyushu was famous for its lush and tropical coastlines and active volcano peaks. Kyushu was deeply connected to Japan’s history. On Arun’s insistence, Rahul planned his trip to Japan.

Rahul was spellbound by the lush beauty of Kyushu. Arun had told him that this place was a haven of hot springs and is blessed by rich natural beauty and a warm climate. They explored the Okoshiki coast, famous for its great views of the sunset; Kumano Magaibutsu Stone Buddha, one of the largest stone Buddhas in Japan. Both of them explored Mount Aso, Japan’s most active volcano. Luckily, during their visit, the volcano wasn’t erupting so, they took a cable car ride to the top of the volcano and enjoyed the great view of the bright blue crater lake. They also went to Kurokawa Onsen to enjoy hot spring bath.

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By the end of the trip, Rahul fell short of money. He loaned money from Arun and promised him to pay him once he reached India. Now, back in India, Rahul was confused about the best way to do money transfer to Japan. His friends suggested him to use the wire transfer service by the IndusInd Bank.

Money transfer to Japan

The best solution for money transfer to Japan is Wire Transfer You have to visit IndusInd bank and use their wire transfer services for transferring money. This is the safest method of transferring money to overseas accounts. Wire transfer is pretty fast. It takes only two to four business days to complete the transaction. However, the time taken to transfer funds often depends on the destination country and other currency exchange issues. This is secure and fast and you also get attractive foreign exchange rates.

International Money Transfer to Japan through Online Banking

For wire transfer, you need to visit your bank. However, if you do not want to go to the bank then transfer money using net banking. If you have net banking facilities, login to bank's online service. Select the money transfer option. Put information such as bank and account details of the recipient along with the SWIFT code of the bank. Input the amount you want to transfer before hitting the send key.


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