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How To Transfer Money To Japan?


Avijit was recently selected to study at the Osaka University in Japan. He, along with his parents, was very much excited about it. Soon he moved to Japan. He made a number of friends there; most of them were international students from various parts of the world. During his free time, Avijit loved to explore the port city. He along with his friends explored Osaka Castle Park, visited the Tempozan Ferris Wheel and other attractions. His friends were also planning to visit the Universal Studios in Japan. They asked Avijit to join in. Considering his limited funds, Avijit calculated the total funds that he had at that time and found that he can afford the trip. He enjoyed a lot with his friends. Now, back to the campus, he asked his father to transfer money to his account that he opened a few months ago in Japan. His father had never transferred money internationally, and he was confused about the ways to transfer money to Japan from India His colleagues suggested him to transfer money through IndusInd Bank as it was safe and convenient.

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How to send money to Japan

IndusInd Bank offers wire transfer services to transfer money to Japan from India. This is an easy and safe way for transferring money abroad For wire transfer, you must visit the bank. You have to provide information such as the full name of the recipient, address and bank account number. Provide the SWIFT number of the recipient's bank along with the bank's name and full address.

Send money through Net Banking

You can also transfer money from the comforts of your home through net banking. Use the username and password provided by the bank to log into your account. Choose transfer options, provide the bank account details along with the desired amount of money you want to transfer and then complete the transaction.


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