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Priyanka was very excited. Her semester exams have ended and a long holiday awaited her. Her parents had promised to take her to visit her Uncle who stayed in Plymouth, Devon in the UK. Her cousin Ronnie would often upload pictures of the place in his social media profile. Seeing those pictures, Priyanka almost fell in love with that place. She was pretty excited to visit the UK. She already prepared a list of places to visit. However, Priyanka’s father had to stay back for some urgent work at the office; so, she travelled to the UK with her mother and little brother.

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Once they reached Plymouth, the mom and daughter duo rested only for a day to recover from the jet lag. Then they explored Dartmoor with Ronnie. They also went to visit the coastal town of Torquay. They bought local craftworks from Cockington Court in Torquay.They also visited the national park at Exmoor. Priyanka simply fell in love with the sandstone moors, green valleys and bridleways of the place.

The next week they visited Drake Circus in Plymouth, one of the best places to get designer goods. Priyanka’s mother soon realised that she had exhausted a major portion of the money she was carrying. The money that she had wasn’t enough. Priyanka's mother didn’t want to borrow money from her brother. At that time, she asked Priyanka’s father to transfer money to her brother’s account.

Now Priyanka’s father had never transferred money to the UK. He asked his colleagues about the safest and easiest way to transfer money to the UK. His colleagues suggested him to do a wire transfer to the UK. They suggested him to visit the IndusInd Bank and use their services.

How to wire transfer to the UK?

When it comes to transferring money to the UK from India, wire transfer is the best option and is availed by a lot of people. It’s mainly because wire transfer is convenient, easy and is completely safe. At IndusInd wire transfer is carried out through a worldwide network called SWIFT, which is used by almost all the major financial institutions all across the globe. It takes not more than two to four business days for completing the transaction. For wire transfer, you have to visit the bank.

Transfer money to the UK through Online Banking

If you cannot visit the bank, you can transfer money from the comfort of your home through net banking. Just log into your net banking account and provide the account details along with the amount you want to transfer. Also, provide the SWIFT code of the recipient’s bank. This code helps the bank to identify the bank and the account where the money needs to be transferred.


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