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How To Send Money To The UK?


Poonam always wished to study in the UK. She was a bright student and had just completed her graduation in Economics. Now she wanted to pursue further studies in Economics from the UK. She had applied to several universities. Her application was finally accepted at the University of Bristol. She took admission in the Department of Economics and was faring well in her studies. She was doing a part time job to save some extra money for her other expenses. She had made several friends there. During the Easter break, her friends planned to go for camping in the Brook Lodge Farm Camping and Caravan Park. This place was famous for an incredible rural camping experience. Poonam also joined them and paid for the expenses from her savings.

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When she came back her laptop conked out; and she needed a new laptop as she had a major project due in the next semester. Time was short and she couldn’t ask anyone in Bristol to lend her money. She called her father and asked him to transfer money to her account. Now, Poonam’s father was in a dilemma. He didn’t know how to send money to the UK.

How to send money to the UK from India

Sending money to the UK or any other overseas country is not a hassle anymore. With the wire transfer services offered by the IndusInd bank, you can now easily transfer money to any country in the globe. The bank also offers wire transfer service to non-account holders. If you are a non-account holder then you need to provide your identity proof, address proof along with a declaration stating the purpose of your transfer. Apart from that, you need to provide information such as the name of the recipient, his/her bank account details along with the SWIFT code of the recipient's bank, the name of the bank and address. Wire transfer is an easy and safe way for transferring foreign currency abroad . This is mainly because the banks carry out such transaction through a safe network called the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT).

Send money through Net Banking

If you think that you are unable to visit the bank for some reason but need to transfer money, don’t worry. You can easily transfer money through the net banking services of IndusInd bank. If you have activated the net banking services provided by the IndusInd bank, just log into the account using the username and password provided by the bank. Once you are logged in, find the money transfer option and then provide the details of the account and the bank where you wish to transfer the money. Do not forget to provide the SWIFT code of the bank before you transfer the money.


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