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How To Send Money To The UK?


After waiting for years, Varun is finally embarking on his English holiday. As most of his friends are studying in the UK, Varun was longing to go and meet them since a long time. He always wanted to explore Scotland, Wales and other places in that part of the world. With an elaborate list of places that he wanted to visit during his trip, his excitement knew no bounds. From the mesmerising Snowdonia national park to the historical city of Chester,from walking on the cobblestone streets leading to the Edinburgh Castle, Varun's list included everything. Not to mention, visiting the shopping centres was also one of them. His cousins and sisters packed an elaborate list of souvenirs that they want Varun to bring back from the UK.

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Varun spent two weeks in the UK. He had kept the day before his departure for doing all his shopping. He was only halfway through his shopping when he realised that he had already exhausted most of the money that he had and was left with only a few British Pounds in his pocket. His shopping was incomplete and he didn't have enough money to pay for the cab to reach the airport the next day. At that time, he asked his friends to help him with money and promised them to return the same when he is back in India.

After coming back to India, Varun wanted to send the money back as soon as possible but was confused about the ways to do so. He asked his parents for suggestions and it was then that his father suggested using the wire transfer services of IndusInd Bank.

How to transfer money to the UK?

Transferring money through the wire transfer services is the safest and quickest way to transfer money to overseas accounts. Wire Transfer service is an electronic way of transferring money. It is carried out through a worldwide network called the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication or SWIFT. This network ensures complete security of your money and that is why it is preferred the most by financial institutions across the world.

If you’re availing wire transfer services of IndusInd Bank, then apart from British Pound, you can also transfer American dollar, Canadian and Singaporean dollars, Swiss Franc and UAE Dirham to name a few. It takes only two to four business days to transfer money using this service.

Transferring Money through Net Banking

If you do not want to visit the bank but transfer money sitting right at your home, you can do that through net banking. You need to log into your net banking account and then go to the money transfer option. Put the desired amount with the bank account details of the recipient. Also, put the SWIFT code of the bank before transferring money.


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