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What To Shop in Singapore


The world's only island city-state, Singapore offers an unparalleled shopping experience for the discerning shopper. From outdoor markets selling cheap and exotic items from underwear to cheap souvenirs to colossal malls with international brand-name stores - you can get your hands on almost anything while shopping in Singapore.

Over here we present a well- considered list of things that you should buy in Singapore. Read on!

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1. Electronics
With slashed prices on top-notch electronic gadgets (even the branded ones) at malls like Funan DigitalLife Mall, Sim Lim Square and Mustafa Center, the Lion City surely is a paradise for tech-savvy shoppers. The locals of Singapore are tech fanatics which is one of the reasons why Singapore has a huge market for tech gadgets ranging from smartphones, iPods, tablets, laptops and audio-video peripherals to high-tech gaming equipment.

2. Asian artefacts and antiques
Asian artefacts are popular all over the world, and Singapore is just the right place to get hold of these priceless treasures. Art connoisseurs can buy artworks from Japan, China and Korea and will be delighted by the abundance of Asian antiques. The best places to buy artwork are Holland Village, Chinatown and Tanglin Shopping Centre.

3. Perfumes
Don't forget to get hold of sense-tingling international fragrances! You can shop perfumes in Singapore from globally renowned brands in the likes of Giorgio Armani, Burberry, Hugo Boss, Gucci, and Jean Paul Gaultier. Interestingly, locally made perfumes in Singapore are sold at unbelievable low prices and you should definitely get hold of one.

4. Apparel
From edgy designer clothes to locally made fashionable apparels – Singapore's shopping scene will delight the shopaholic in you. Although you can get clothes from international brands, local clothing (Singapore specific garments) is a must buy. Locally made clothes are available at affordable prices and are symbolic reflections of the place and its culture.

5. Handbags and Luggage
While shopping in Singapore, don't forget to check out the gorgeous luggage bags and handbags. From hand-stitched travel cases to premium designer labels and everything that comes in between – the bag lover in you will love the endless selection of bags displayed. Some of the best places to shop handbags and luggage bags from top brands are Somerset 313, Paragon Shopping Mall, Ngee Ann City Shopping Mall and ION orchard mall.

6. Food
From swanky restaurants serving flawless food to amazing street food to fill that hole in your belly -Singapore is a happening food destination to eat out in and bring some of those fond culinary memories back home. Popular food items to buy include exotic sauces, biscuits, cookies, spices and BBQ sliced meat exclusively available in chain stores.

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