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Fastest Way To Transfer Money Overseas


Rukmini was planning a trip to New Zealand. Her friend Ritika stayed in New Plymouth in New Zealand. It was during Ritika’s wedding 3 years back when Rukmini last met her. After that, Ritika shifted to New Zealand with her husband. For several months Rukmini was planning to visit Ritika and now finally, she was going to New Zealand.

Rukmini was pretty excited about her visit and had already planned her itinerary. She wanted to visit Napier. Also known as the Art Deco Centre of the New Zealand, Rukmini wanted to explore the beautiful architecture of the city. Once she reached there, Rukmini booked a guided tour to Napier for herself and Ritika. Since Ritika’s husband was out on a business tour, she too had enough time to take her friend around the city. Rukmini also booked a sightseeing tour to Hawkes Bay, a picturesque and unique part of New Zealand. Both of them enjoyed the stunning scenery of the farmland, wide open green pastures, beautiful orchards and vineyards at Hawkers Bay. They also visited the Te Mata peak. Apart from its natural beauty, Hawke’s Bay was also famous for its chocolates. They explored the Silky Oak Chocolate Company, a museum dedicated to the history of chocolates and also visited Birdwood Gallery and Sweet shop to pick up their famous delicacies. Rukmini bought souvenirs to take back home. However, she soon fell short of money. She immediately called up her brother in Mumbai and asked him to transfer money to Ritika’s account. Now, Rukmini’s brother didn’t know the best way to transfer money quickly to an overseas account . His colleagues suggested him to visit the IndusInd bank and wire transfer the money.

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Transfer Money Overseas

The most popular way for transferring money to overseas accounts is through wire transfer service offered by the IndusInd Bank. This is a completely safe and secure way of transferring money. IndusInd Bank is a member of the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT). The Bank carries out all the international financial transactions through SWIFT. This is a global network used by all major banks and financial institutions for doing financial transactions. Since this is a standard legal framework, it ensures complete safety of the transactions.

Wiring money overseas through Net Banking and Our Online Portal
If you want to wire transfer money to overseas account, you have to visit the bank. You will need the bank account details of the recipient and the SWIFT code of the bank where you want to transfer the money. If you cannot visit the bank, you can still transfer money through net banking and our online portal ... You have to activate the net banking service and then log into the account using the username and password provided to you. Locate the option for making a money transfer, add the amount and bank details of the recipient and transfer money online.


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