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Best Way To Transfer Money From India To Canada


Nashik-based graphic designer Jenny was about to board the flight to Canada. For months, she has been waiting for this moment when she could fly to Canada to meet her younger sister Elisha who was studying management in Rotman School of Management. She was on three weeks leave, and during these three weeks, she wanted to thoroughly enjoy the days with her sister.

When in Canada, Elisha took Jenny to visit Casa Loma, a beautiful castle in North Toronto, Fort York, and the Toronto Islands. During her stay, Jenny paid for all their outings, treated her sister with lavish dinners and did a lot of shopping for her. She loved her sister a lot. Moreover, her birthday was also approaching, so Jenny had planned for a surprise gift for her. However, after their shopping spree, she realised that she has run out of money. She only had enough money to sustain her for the next five days. She didn’t want to take any money from her little sister. She quickly called up her best friend Anita in Nashik and asked her to quickly transfer money to her sister’s account. She promised her to repay the amount once she is back in India.

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Anita had never transferred money to any overseas bank account She was clueless about how to do it. She had an account in IndusInd Bank and thought to ask the officials about the best and the quickest way to transfer money from India to Canada She visited the bank, and there, the officials at the bank told her to use their wire transfer services for a fast and secure transfer.

How to Transfer Money from India to Canada?
When it comes to transferring money to Canada or any other country, the most preferred solution is using the wire transfer service. IndusInd Bank offers wire transfer service Wire transfer is fast and convenient. Once you have sent the money, the recipient receives it within two to four business days. You have to visit the bank for wire transfer. However, you can also opt for net banking service if you do not wish to visit the bank and do the transaction from home.

India to Canada Money Transfer through Online Banking
All you have to do is activate your net banking service. The bank will provide you with a username and password. Use it to log in. Once you have logged in, select the money transfer option. Put the desired amount along with the bank account details of the receiver. Do not forget to put the SWIFT code of the recipient’s bank. This code helps the bank identify where it needs to transfer the money.


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