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Fastest Way To Send Money To Canada


For long Sunil was planning to take a break from his hectic work schedule and go somewhere with his family. His seven-year-old daughter was asking him to take them to Canada to see her grandparents. A few months back Sunil’s mother and father moved to Canada to stay with his sister Sunita and her husband. Since then Sunil’s daughter was missing them a lot. Her summer vacations started so this was a good time to visit Sunita in Canada. Sunil took a month-long leave and booked three flight tickets to Canada. But just a few days prior to their departure, Sunil’s boss asked him to postpone his trip and join office for some urgent work. Sunil asked his wife to go ahead with their trip. After reaching Canada Sunil’s wife went to shopping with Suniti. She ran out of money and borrowed some from Suniti.

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After returning to India, she asked Sunil to transfer money to Suniti’s account. Sunil didn’t know the fastest way to send money to Canada. His friends suggested him to visit IndusInd Bank and use their wire transfer service

The best way to Send money to Canada?

The best way to send money to Canada or any overseas bank account is through wire transfer service. Most of the people choose wire transfer service by IndusInd bank over any other services. In this process, the money is transferred electronically and the transaction is carried out through the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication or SWIFT. This is an international payment network and is the largest financial messaging system across the globe. All the major banks and financial institutions all over the world transfer money through SWIFT. IndusInd Bank is a member of SWIFT.

To use this service, you have to visit your nearest branch of the IndusInd bank and talk to the officials. Through the wire transfer services offered by IndusInd Bank, you can easily send currencies such as Canadian, American, and Singaporean dollars, Swiss Franc, Japanese Yen, Saudi Riyal, UAE Dirham, and Pound Sterling. The transaction is usually completed in two to four business days.

Send Money from India to Canada using Net Banking Service

For using the wire transfer service, you need to visit the bank. However, if you do not want to visit the bank, you can still transfer money easily via net banking sitting right at your home. For using net banking, you need to activate this service. The bank will provide you with a username and password. You can use this to access your service. Use the user name and password to log into your account. After that select the money transfer option; provide the exact amount that you want to transfer along with the bank account details of the recipient and the SWIFT code of the bank.


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