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How Can I Send Money To Canada


Sumedha’s office was sending her on a business trip to Canada. Sumedha worked in a Hyderabad-based MNC and based on her excellent performance, the management often involved her in the decision-making process of the company. The company headquarter was in Canada and every year, the organisation conducts a business meet that attracts all the big names from their industry. This year, it was upon Sumedha to organise the event. The event was a week’s affair but Sumedha took another three weeks of leave. She wanted to explore Canada after the event was over. Her leave was granted. Everything was planned and organised beforehand. Her office arranged her accommodation, so she didn’t have to worry about that.

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Sumedha’s office event was a grand success and everyone praised the way she managed the entire thing. Now, she was on her much awaited leave. She explored Canada. Her office colleagues in Canada helped her with suggestions on places to visit and things to do in Canada. She also went shopping for her family. However, after shopping, shewas short on money. She borrowed money from her colleague and promised him to transfer it once she was back in India. Now, after coming back, Sumedha was clueless about how to transfer money to Canada Her colleagues in India suggested her to use the wire transfer service of the IndusInd bank.

How to send money to Canada?

If you want to send money to Canada or any overseas account, it is always suggested to use wire transfer services. It is primarily because wire transfer is a secure way to transfer money to overseas accounts The banks use this service to send money electronically through a worldwide network called the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication or SWIFT. This network offers a legalised framework and ensures that your money is completely secure. That is the reason all major financial institutions prefer transferring money through SWIFT. IndusInd Bank is also a member of SWIFT and as such, ensures the safety of your transaction. You can use the wire transfer service of IndusInd Bank for transferring currencies such as Japanese Yen, British Pound, American, UAE Dirham, Canadian and Singaporean dollars, and Swiss Franc, to name a few. The transaction is normally complete within two to four business days.you can still wire transfer money. For that, you have to provide details such as identity and address proof, and any other documents as demanded by the officials. It takes two to four business days for completing the transaction.

Send Money to Canada using Net Banking

For wire transfer, you need to visit the bank and then talk to the officials. However, if you do not wish to visit the bank, you can transfer money to overseas account from the comfort of your home using net banking services. You need to activate your net banking services with the IndusInd bank before making the transfer. Once it is activated, log into your net banking account. Check the money transfer option. Now you have to put details such as the amount that you want to transfer, the account number and bank account details, and the SWIFT code of the recipient’s bank before transferring the money.


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