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Easiest Way To Send Money To Canada


Two years back, Sonali’s best friend Seema got married to her childhood sweetheart. For some personal reasons, Sonali missed her friend’s wedding. Soon after marriage, Seema moved to Canada with her husband who was an investment banker based in Toronto. Everything happened in such a hurry that Sonali couldn’t meet her friend. Seema was pretty upset with Sonali and didn’t talk to her for a few months. However, both the friends sorted their differences and now, in order to compensate for everything, Sonali has taken a month-long sabbatical from her work and was visiting Seema.

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Seema has already made a list of things they would do together and the places they will explore. She planned to take Sonali for day trips to Toronto Island and Niagara Falls. She also planned to do lots of shopping with her friend since she knew that Sonali was a shopaholic.

Once in Canada, Sonali and Seema explored all the major attractions of Toronto. Seema took Sonali to the uptown malls and shopping areas. From there Sonali bought gifts for everyone. However, she soon fell short of money. Seema helped her complete rest of the shopping by paying all her bills. Sonali felt a bit awkward initially. Sonali called up her brother Sahil in Delhi and asked her to immediately transfer money in Seema’s account.

Sahil didn’t know how to send money to Canada from India He had an account at IndusInd Bank. He talked to the officials and came to know that he can transfer money through their wire transfer service

The Easiest way to transfer money to Canada Online

Send Through Wire Transfer

This is the easiest and the most preferred way of transferring money to Canada and any other country. In this process, banks transfer the money electronically. The transaction is carried out through a secured network called through SWIFT or Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. For doing a wire transfer, visit your nearest branch of the IndusInd Bank. Provide details such as the bank account details, address, and SWIFT code of the recipient’s bank. Wire transfer is fast and it takes only two or four days for the recipient to receive the money.

Send using Online Banking

For wire transfer, you need to visit your bank. However, you can transfer funds to overseas account through online banking. You do not need to go to the bank for this. You need to activate your net banking service. The bank will provide you with username and password. Using that, log into your account and then select the option for money transfer. Put the desired amount to be transferred along with the bank account details of the recipient.


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