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Forex Card For Singapore


Nikki’s company was sending her to Singapore. Her company was organising an annual event in Singapore and Nikki was given the charge of arranging it. It was a five-day long event, and Nikki planned to explore Singapore once the event was over. She asked for an extended leave as she didn’t want to miss this opportunity. It was for the first time that Nikki was travelling to Singapore and she was very excited about the opportunity. She had heard a lot about the place and its extraordinary way of life. Her friends who visited Singapore told her that it was a haven for shopaholics and was culturally rich.

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Nikki wanted to visit the Universal Studios. As a child, she was fascinated by the thought of Universal Studio. However, at that time, she didn’t have the scope to visit the Universal Studios. She had heard that it was the most spectacular amusement park in the entire Southeast Asia. She had only seen it in pictures, but now, her wish was about to come true. Apart from Universal Studio, Nikki wanted to explore the beautiful Gardens by the Bay. The garden was home to exotic floras and massive structures of extraordinary architectural beauty. Her colleagues suggested her to take a trip to Little India towards the eastern part of Singapore. They told her that similar to its name; the place reflects a mini India. A born shopaholic, Nikki also wanted to explore the malls and shopping centres at Singapore.

Nikki was planning to carry a Forex card for Singapore visit. Her colleagues suggested her to carry a Forex card from the IndusInd Bank as it offered best shopping experience.

Best Travel Card for the Singapore

If you are planning to get a Forex card , contact IndusInd Bank. This is particularly because the travel card from the IndusInd Bank is convenient to use and offers a number of benefits:

• With Forex card from IndusInd Bank you can easily pay your bills at hotels and restaurants and shops. In Singapore, the travel card from IndusInd Bank is accepted everywhere.
• Carrying a Forex card is both safe and convenient, compared to carrying money. Of course, you need to carry a bit of money for random expenses, but in case you misplace your wallet, your money is lost. With a Forex card, you do not have to worry about losing money. The IndusInd Bank offers an easy card replacement facility. All you need to do is inform your bank about the incident, and your location and the bank will send you another card.
• You do not have to worry about fluctuating currency rates. The exchange rates remain unchanged the day you load your card.
• You can easily encash the remaining amount once you are back in India.
• The IndusInd Forex card also comes with an insurance coverage.



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