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Forex Card For Australia


Ranjita was going to Australia for 2 weeks. She was working as a photographer for a famous magazine and was assigned the task of capturing the wilderness and the landscapes of South Australia. Ranjita began planning her expedition. She started to do a thorough internet research on places in South Australia. She had hardly a month or two in hand before she travelled to Australia. Her company has already provided her with the tickets, and her visa was also cleared.

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The Flinders Range was on the top of her list. She wanted to capture the shifting lights and the arid landscape that was famous for presenting a striking interplay of colours. Despite the dry conditions, wildlife thrived in that place, and Ranjita planned to capture that too. She also had Barossa Valley in her mind. She learned that it was Australia’s oldest grape growing region and was famous for its natural landscape. Along with Barossa Valley, she planned to visit another grape-growing region Clare Valley. This place is famous for its pastoral beauty and its food culture. Ranjita also wanted to visit Mount Gambier, an extinct volcano that has four beautiful crater lakes along with sinkholes and gardens. She was more interested in visiting it as she had heard that during the month of November, the colour of the lake changed from dull grey to brilliant blue. Since she was travelling in mid-October, she wished to capture this transformation through her lens.

Ranjita didn’t have to worry about the tickets as her company arranged it, but she also needed to plan her expenses in Australia. She wanted to carry a Forex card to Australia. Her colleagues suggested her to get IndusInd bank’s travel card for Australia . However, she was clueless about how to get the Forex card .

How to get Forex card for Australia

If you want to get a travel card, you have to visit the bank and submit Form A2. You have to submit a few other documents along with other documents that are enlisted under the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA). You have to produce:

• A self-attested copy of your passport (you have to take the original passport when applying for the Forex card)

• A copy of your PAN card along with any other document as demanded by the bank.

How to get Forex card for Australia
Once you have submitted all the necessary documents and once the verification process is over, the bank will activate your card. The IndusInd Bank is a one-stop option for all your needs related to Forex cards . You do not have to visit the bank to get a Forex card for Australia or for reloading it. With IndusInd Bank, you can easily apply for a Forex card online.



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