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How Can I Send Money To Australia?


After completing her graduation in Economics, Mumbai-based Prerna wanted to go to Australia for higher studies. She wanted to pursue further studies in Economics. She applied to a number of top ranking colleges in Australia. Eventually, her application was accepted, and she took admission at the Melbourne Business School at the University of Melbourne.

She was the first in her family who was going to Australia. She would be staying in Australia for two years, and after that, she also planned to pursue her career in Australia. After she had moved there, Prerna got herself a part-time job to support her additional expenses such as rent, food, medicines, and other necessities. Her father wanted to send her money for sustaining in a foreign land, but Prerna declined his offer. She wanted to try living on her own for the initial months and see how she was coping with the situation. Everything went fine; the only concern was that Prerna wasn’t able to save anything from the money she was earning.

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She needed to buy a new laptop but she didn’t have any extra money to buy it. At this point, she asked her father to send her money for buying a laptop. She asked her father to wire transfer the money to her account. Prerna’s father never transferred money to any overseas account before and didn’t know the process to make a wire transfer. His colleagues suggested him to use the wire transfer services by the IndusInd Bank as it was convenient and easy.

How to Send money from India to Australia?
When it comes to transferring money to any overseas account, most of the people rely on the wire transfer. The IndusInd Bank offers wire transfer service. In wire transfer, the bank transfers your money electronically. This is usually done through a network called the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication or SWIFT. IndusInd Bank along with many major financial institutions, is a member of SWIFT. IndusInd Bank lets you transfer multiple currencies such as Saudi Riyal, British Pound Sterling, Swiss Franc, UAE Dirham, Canadian and Singaporean dollars, Japanese Yen, and American Dollar. The transaction is completed in two to four business days.

Send Money to Australia through Net Banking
You can also transfer money from the comfort of your home. Simply log in to your net banking account. Use the username and password provided by the bank. Once you have logged in, select the money transfer option. Put the amount you want to transfer. Provide the account number, bank details, and SWIFT code of the recipient’s bank for completing the transaction.


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