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Quickest Way To Send Money To Australia


Anshul was taking a two months sabbatical from her work. For long, she has been planning to travel and see the world. However, being busy software professional, Anshul hardly found any time to breathe. She has been to offshore locations several times, but that was only for work purpose. She hardly found any time to explore those places. Her days were spent between meeting, brainstorming sessions, and training. She was desperately seeking a break. Since she was working with the organisation for over seven years, so when she applied for a sabbatical her senior authorities agreed.

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During the first month, Anshul visited her cousins staying in London and Ukraine. She had planned to visit her childhood friends Ashmita and Rohan in Queensland during the second month. Anshul knew both from her school days, and just a few years back they got married and settled in Queensland. She wanted to explore the natural beauty of Australia, go snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef, Fraser Island, and spend a quiet time at the Whitehaven Beach. She also planned to go scuba diving at Green Island and of course, lots of shopping. Ashmita took her to the famous Robina Town Centre. It was the topmost shopping district at the Gold Coast. Anshul was amazed by their collections. The shopping centre had 350 stores, and Anshul was a shopaholic. However, midway through her shopping, she realised that she had exhausted all her money. Ashmita helped her in finishing her shopping.

Once back from shopping Anshul called her father in India to transfer the money to Ashmita’s account. Anshul’s father didn’t have any idea about how to send money to Australia from India Anshul told him to visit IndusInd Bank and use their wire transfer service to send money to Australia.

The Best Way to Send Money to Australia from India
The best solution for sending money to Australia from India is to visit IndusInd bank and use their wire transfer services. This is the safest way of sending money to any overseas bank accounts The transactions usually take place through Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT). This is a legal framework ensuring the security of your transactions. This process is pretty fast. It takes only two to four business days to transfer money. The time might differ from country to country. It mostly depends on currency exchange issues (if any). For doing a wire transfer, you need to visit the bank. However, if you do not want to visit the bank, you can also send money through net banking.

Send Money to Australia through Online Banking
If you have activated your net banking services, log into the online account. Select the money transfer option and provide bank and account details of the recipient. Put the SWIFT code of the recipient’s bank. Put the desired amount and then complete the transaction by clicking the send button.


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