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How To Transfer Money To Australian Bank Account


Delhi-based Kriti was travelling to Australia to meet her childhood friend Stuti. A few years back Stuti got married to her colleague and settled in New South Wales. Both missed each other a lot and were planning to meet soon, but the plan always got delayed as both Stuti and Kriti had to manage their work, and it was getting difficult to get a month-long holiday. However, soon, Kriti finally managed the holiday and packed her bags to meet Stuti. Both talked for long hours over the social media and chalked out plans for their month-long holiday. Kriti already had her list. She wanted to visit Sydney, explore the vineyards in Hunter Valley, visit the beautiful Coffs Harbour and the South Coast.

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Kriti was a shopaholic, and once in New South Wales, she didn’t want to miss the city’s most amazing shopping mall, Westfield Sydney. She was simply amazed by the grandeur of the shopping mall and the collection of designer brands. She shopped for her entire family and herself. She was not even midway through her shopping spree when she realised that she had exhausted her money. Stuti helped her finish the rest of the shopping. Although Stuti didn’t mind splurging on her childhood bestie, but Kriti wanted to send the money back, as soon as she landed in India.

Back in India, Kriti was clueless about the ways to transfer money from India to Australia. Her colleagues suggested her to use the wire transfer service by the IndusInd Bank.

The Best Way to do India-Australia Money Transfer
IndusInd Bank provides wire transfer services to transfer money from India to Australia. This is a secure way for transferring money to overseas bank accounts. The transaction takes place through the messaging network, Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication or SWIFT, which ensures the safety of financial transactions that take place all over the globe. With IndusInd Bank, you can transfer many foreign currencies that include American Dollar, Canadian and Singaporean dollar, Saudi Riyal, British Pound Sterling, Japanese Yen, UAE Dirham, Swiss Franc, to name a few. This is very fast and takes only two to four business days for the recipient to receive money.

For doing a wire transfer, you need to visit the bank. You have to provide the bank and account details of the recipient to the bank so that they can carry out the wire transfer. However, if you do not want to go to the bank, you have the option of transferring money from your home through net banking.

India to Australia Money transfer through Net Banking
For sending money to Australia through net banking, all you need to do is log into your net banking account. Choose the money transfer option and put the desired amount along with the account details of the recipient for transferring money.


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