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Safest Way To Send Money To Australia


Last year Mr Patel’s son Gaurav took admission at the University of New South Wales and moved to Keningston in Australia. He was pursuing his higher studies in management. Gaurav went to the University on a scholarship and was also doing some local part-time jobs to support his additional expenses. Mr Patel was well aware of the lifestyle needs of students in Australia as a few of his relatives have recently come back from there.

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During his last call, Gaurav was discussing his plans to take a few days off from work and go to the Blue Mountains with his friends. He also discussed how he was saving money for the trip. Mr Patel knew that since enrolling in the University, Gaurav has been diligently studying and managing work, without taking a break during the entire semester and how badly he needed a break. Mr Patel asked Gaurav to plan the trip and also told him that he would send him money for the trip. Gaurav was a bit apprehensive accepting the money for any purpose other than studies, but on his father’s insistence, he agreed to take the money. He asked his father to send the money through wire transfer as it was fast and convenient. Mr Patel has never wired money to any overseas accounts before. He asked his relatives for help. They suggested him to visit IndusInd bank and use their wire transfer services. Mr Patel already had an account with the bank, so he consulted the bank officials and transferred the money to his son’s account.

How to send money to Australia from India?
When it comes to sending money to Australia or any overseas account, it’s advisable to use IndusInd bank’s wire transfer services. This is mainly because it is the safest way to transfer money to overseas accounts. With the wire transfer service of IndusInd Bank, you can transfer a wide range of currencies to overseas accounts. You can transfer currencies such as British Pound, American, Canadian and Singaporean dollars, UAE Dirham, Japanese Yen, and Swiss Franc, to name a few. Through wire service, the transaction is normally complete within two to four business days.

Send Money to Australia through Net Banking
For wire transfer, you need to visit the bank. But if you do not want to visit the bank, you can easily transfer money sitting right at your home using net banking. Log into your net banking account and then look for the money transfer option. Put the amount that you want to transfer along with the account number and bank account details of the recipient. Give the SWIFT code of the bank before transferring the money.


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