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Yumna wanted to pursue her postgraduate studies from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. She was a student of Linguistics and she was particularly interested in taking up Developmental Linguistics course and then further wanted to pursue her research programme in the same field. Yumna was a bright student and her application was accepted by the University.

The first six months at the University was pretty hectic. Yumna remained busy with the studies and she was also trying to get along with her fellow students at the campus. She made a lot of friends, both local and international. Yumna’s roommate at the dormitory was a high-spirited girl from Switzerland. She, along with her friends planned to visit the Holyrood Park. They wanted to go hiking at Arthur’s Seat. The Holyrood Park was famous for its rich cultural heritage and volcanic geology and Arthur’s seat was the highest point of the park. She asked Yumna to join.

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Yumna wanted to go but her only concern was money. She was saving money for buying some books for her semester and didn’t want to exhaust her funds. When her father learned about this, he asked Yumna to go for hiking and told her that he will transfer some additional funds to her account. However, Yumna’s father was not sure about the procedure for sending money to overseas account as he had never done a transfer before. His colleagues at work suggested him to visit the IndusInd Bank and use their wire transfer services.

The Best Way to Send Money to Overseas Account

IndusInd Bank provides wire transfer services to send money to overseas bank accounts. This is the most secure way for doing a money transfer. In this process, the transfer usually takes place through the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication or SWIFT. This is a legalised network and ensures the complete safety of all the financial transactions carried out through it. Every major financial institution, including the IndusInd Bank, is a member of SWIFT.

With the IndusInd Bank, you can easily transfer multiple foreign currencies to overseas accounts. You can transfer Japanese Yen, American Dollar, Canadian and Singaporean dollar, British Pound Sterling, Saudi Riyal, UAE Dirham, and Swiss Franc, to name a few. This is pretty fast and takes only two to four business days for the recipient to receive money.

You have to visit the bank for doing a wire transfer. Provide the bank and account details of the recipient for doing a wire transfer. On the other hand, if you do not wish to visit the bank, you can use net banking services for transferring money from the comfort of your home.

Money Transfer Overseas through Net Banking

For sending money to overseas accounts through net banking, all you need to do is log into your net banking account. Choose the money transfer option and add the desired amount along with the account details of the recipient for transferring money.


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