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How To Make An International Money Transfer


Neelam was planning to take a break from her work and visit her uncle and cousins at Zurich. From quite a long time Neelam was thinking of quitting her job and start something on her own. She had gathered enough funds and now she was planning to dedicate all her time to her business. But before that, she needed a break. And nothing could sooth her mind than the city of medieval beauty Zurich.

Neelam’s uncle and her cousin Sunaina greeted her at the airport. After resting for the day, Neelam along with Sunaina set out to explore the city. They started their day by having a hearty breakfast at Confiserie Sprungli. This shop is famous for its truffles, cakes, bonbons and other chocolate items. Neelam couldn’t resist her temptation and bought a lot of chocolate and baked goodies from the store. After that, they explored the busy streets of Bahnhofstrasse, a place smartly decked with colossal buildings of medieval architecture. They also visited the Swiss National Museum. The neo-gothic building showcases the cultural history of Switzerland. The next day all of them went to Lake Zurich to spend a lazy afternoon, picnicking and enjoying the warm weather. The Lake offers a great view of the Swiss Alps. Neelam took a boat ride along the lake.

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Towards the end of her trip Neelam found that she’d spent most of the money. She didn’t want to take money from her uncle so she called up her father and asked him to transfer money to Sunaina’s account so that she can withdraw it from there. Now, Neelam’s father didn’t know how to do an international money transfer . Neelam told him to visit the nearest branch of the IndusInd bank and wire transfer the money.

How to do International Money Wire Transfer

When it comes to transferring money to the international accounts, wire transfer is the best and the obvious choice for most of the people. This is because wire transfer is very convenient and is completely safe. Wire transfer is done through a global network called SWIFT or Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. This network is used by almost all the major financial institutions across the globe for transferring money. IndusInd Bank offers wire transfer service to various international accounts. It takes not more than two to four business days for completing the transaction. For doing a wire transfer, you have to visit the bank and talk to the officials.

International Transfer Money through Online Banking

You can also transfer money to overseas accounts without visiting the bank. Through the net banking facilities offered by the IndusInd Bank, you can transfer money to the overseas account from anywhere. All you need to do is just log into your account, provide the account details and add the amount you want to transfer. Also, provide the SWIFT code of the recipient’s bank. This code helps in identifying the exact bank where the money needs to be transferred.


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