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Best Way To Send Money To USA


Rohan always wished to complete his higher studies in the USA and experience the American way of life. Once he completed his graduation, he started applying to various Universities across America. Rohan was a good student and has always secured good grades throughout. His application got accepted to several colleges, but out of all, he chose Boston University as a few of his friends were studying in the same university.

Soon he travelled to Boston. The accommodation was not a problem as Rohan shared the apartment with his friends. Throughout the year he was busy with his studies and projects. In between, he also explored the places in and around the city. He has been to Lexington, Martha’s Vineyard, the Southern Berkshires, Plymouth, and all the important places. Most of these places carried a historical significance, and Rohan was slowly learning about the historical and cultural aspects of the country and the place as well.

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Rohan was studying on a scholarship. He also joined a local pizzeria to pay for his additional expenses. He was a good photographer, and soon he joined the weekend photography workshops to pursue his passion along with studies. However, he needed to buy a camera and lenses for his workshop. He had saved money from his part-time work, but that was not enough. He decided to ask his father in India to transfer money to his account in the USA. His father always encouraged Rohan’s passion for photography and quickly arranged the required amount.

However, he was unsure about how to do money transfer to the USA from India . His elder brother suggested him to use the services by the IndusInd Bank and easily transfer money to the USA.

The Best Way to Transfer Money to the USA
The best solution for money transfer to the USA from India is to avail wire transfer services by IndusInd Bank. It’s the safest way to transfer money to the USA and other countries. Money is transferred through SWIFT or the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. This service is hassle free and fast. The transaction is completed within two to four business days. However, this time might vary depending on the destination country and currency exchange issues. Using wire transfer is fast and secure. Moreover, you will also get attractive foreign exchange rates.

Transfer Money to the USA through Online Banking
For doing money transfer to the USA from India using wire transfer, you have to visit the nearest branch of IndusInd Bank. But, if you want to avoid going to the bank then you can also transfer money through net banking. You just need to login to the online service of the bank and then select the money transfer option. Provide information such as the account, bank details along with the SWIFT code of the recipient’s bank. After that, put the desired amount and hit the send key.


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