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Safest Way To Send Money To USA


Alisha just completed her diploma course in Fashion Designing from a reputed Fashion Designing Institute in New Delhi. She was keen to learn the nuances of Fashion Designing from the Parsons School of Design in New York, one of the four fashion capitals of the world. The city is home to some of the biggest names in the fashion world including Ralph Karen, Betsey Johnson, and Marc Jacobs, to name a few. Alisha too dreamed big of making it to the New York Fashion Week someday. And for that, she wanted to learn fashion designing in New York.

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She cleared her TOEFL and then applied for Master’s Degree programme at Parsons School of Design. She also applied for a scholarship. Finally, after her application was accepted, she travelled to New York City.

Finding accommodation was a problem, but Alisha managed an apartment that she shared with another international student. Alisha wanted to learn more and make the most out of the opportunity she got. She applied for internship programmes and summer jobs outside her study hours. She wanted to earn invaluable working experience while she was studying. She landed a few summer jobs, and now Alisha found herself juggling studies and jobs.

Alisha was learning very fast, and she was happy with her progress. However, all the internships were unpaid, and soon Alisha found that she exhausted more than half of the money she had. She needed money to meet her additional expenses such as rent, food. She called back home and explained her situation to her parents. Her father immediately decided to transfer money to her account. But he didn’t know how to send money to the USA. He consulted his close friend about this. His friend suggested him to use the wire transfer service or the net banking service offered by the IndusInd Bank. It was fast, hassle free and also the safest way to transfer money from India to the USA. On his friend’s suggestion, Alisha’s father visited the IndusInd Bank.

Best Way to send money to the USA
Wire transfer is the most preferred way to transfer money from India to the USA. Through wire transfer service, the transaction takes two to four business days to complete.

Transfer Money from India to the USA through Net Banking
For wire transfer, you need to visit the bank. However, if you do not want to visit the bank, then you can transfer money using net banking. If you have a net banking account, log in and select the money transfer option. Provide the amount you want to transfer with account details of the recipient. Also, provide the SWIFT code of the bank before clicking the “send” button for transferring money.


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