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How To Transfer Money From India To USA Bank Account


Rahul’s friends who were staying in the USA were calling him to visit them. Rahul too was keen to visit them, but his work has kept him busy all these while. Finally, he managed some free time in July. He applied for a month-long holiday and luckily, it got approved. Rahul quickly applied for the visa then booked his flight. He was pretty excited to spend some quality time with his friends.

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His friends stayed in Michigan, also known as the Great Lakes Region of the USA. For the first few days, he just slept and lazed around with his friends. From the fourth day after his arrival, Rahul set out to explore Michigan. He visited Isle Royal National Park, went on a sunset kayak tour in the canals in Detroit and the Pine River. He visited the Fort Custer state park, camped at North Manitou Island and even spent an entire day exploring the wineries at Old Mission Peninsula. However, Rahul and his friends were more interested in visiting the Upper Peninsula. All of them were seeking adventure, and this was the perfect place for indulging in activities such as hiking through forests and over peaks, fishing, finding shipwrecks, and exploring the lighthouses.

By the end of the trip, Rahul had already exhausted more than 80% of the money he had. In the last week of his stay, he went for shopping. He bought clothes and souvenirs for his family and relatives back in India and exhausted all the money he had. He still needed to buy a few things, and then he borrowed money from his friend and completed his shopping.

Back in India, Rahul now has to repay the money he had borrowed from his friend in the USA. His colleagues suggested him to use the wire transfer services by the IndusInd Bank for quick and hassle-free transfer of money.

How transfer money from India to the USA?
You can transfer money from India to the USA through wire transfer. This is the most popular mode of money transfer. This is safe and hassle-free, and the transaction is usually completed in two to four days. IndusInd Bank is a member of the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication or SWIFT. All major financial institutions in the world, including IndusInd Bank, are a member of SWIFT.

Transfer Money through Net Banking
If you cannot visit the bank for doing a wire transfer, you can also use net banking services for transferring money. Log into your net banking account, provide the bank account details of the recipient; put the amount and the SWIFT code and then transfer the money.


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