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How To Send Money From India To USA


Ever since Preeti, the eldest daughter of Mr. Saraswat left for USA for higher studies, Mr. Saraswat couldn’t stop feeling proud of her. His daughter was the first from their family to study in USA. Though she went there on a scholarship but she needed money for meeting her additional expenses until she found herself a job. And Mr. Saraswat couldn’t understand how he could send money to USA from India. No one in his family had any idea about the ways to send money to USA.

Mr. Saraswat is not alone. There are many who are not entirely aware of the process of transferring money overseas. There are a number of ways through which one can send money to USA or any other country from India. The banks, both private and public sector, offer different solutions to send money abroad.

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For transfer of funds to foreign accounts through banks, you need an account with a branch of that bank. However, there are banks that also let non-account holders to transfer money to USA. In both the cases, one has to furnish the KYC (Know-Your-Customer) details to the bank along with the recipient’s bank and account details.

Over here we discuss easy, safe and quick ways to transfer money to USA

1. Wire Transfer
Wire transfer is considered one of the safest methods to transfer money abroad. It’s because the transfers usually take place through Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT). This network allows financial institutions across the world to send and receive information related to any financial transaction in a reliable, secured, and standard environment. Since this is a legalised framework that ensures maximum security of your money, wire transfer is the most preferred way that people use to send money to USA from India. To send money, you need the recipient’s bank name and address, account details along with the SWIFTBIC code of the recipient’s bank. Every bank usually charges a nominal fee for transferring money to overseas banks.

2. Net Banking
Apart from wire transfer, another way of sending money to the USA and any other country is through net banking. All major banks offer net banking services. Once you activate net banking services, log into your account with the username and password provided by the bank. Once you have logged in, you will find a “remittance” option in your account. Check that option and put the bank account and other details of the recipient. Also, you need to provide a proof or self-declaration stating the purpose of the outward remittance.


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