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Every year in June, Mr and Mrs Sharma would visit their NRI son staying in Tennessee. Their son, Vikas, had studied management at Tennessee State University and later settled there. Three years back Vikas got married to his American colleague, Clara, and they also had a kid named Maya whose birthday fell in June. Both Mr and Mrs Sharma loved their granddaughter Maya very much, and they shower her with gifts and goodies every time they went there.

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Last year during their visit to the USA, Vikas took his family and parents to Florida. They stayed in a small town called Naples that was famous for its cultural ambience throughout the year. They visited the Fifth Avenue South that was famous for clothing and gift shops. Vikas also took his family to visit the beaches located at the west of Gulfshore Boulevard. Mr and Mrs Sharma went for shopping, watched the sunset, enjoyed the fairs and festivities and gorged on delectable local cuisine available at the restaurants in Naples. They also enjoyed boating, snorkelling, and shelling.

However, this year was different. In May Mrs Sharma fell and broke her leg. Now she is confined to bed and cannot travel to Tennessee in June. Vikas was travelling to Ohio for his official work and promised to visit his parents in July. Mrs Sharma had planned for a surprise gift for little Maya, but now that she cannot go, she asked Mr Sharma to transfer the money to their daughter-in-law’s account so that she could buy Maya the gift on their behalf.

Mr Sharma was clueless about how to do money transfer from India to the USA At that time, his neighbour suggested him to use wire transfer services offered by the IndusInd Bank.

How to Send Money from India to the USA?
Wire transfer is the best option to send money from India to the USA. It's safe and secure and ensures complete security of your transaction. IndusInd Bank offers wire transfer services It is pretty fast, and your transaction is complete within two to four business days. You have to visit the bank and contact the officials, and they will guide you how to transfer money to the USA.

Money transfer from India to the USA through Net Banking
You can also transfer money conveniently using the net banking services. Log into your net banking account with the username and password. After that, choose the option for money transfer and put the amount. Also, provide the account and bank details of the recipient for completing the transaction.


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