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Famous Things In Dubai For Shopping


Dubai is the land of the posh and opulent. The glamour, extravagance and grandiose of the shopping malls in Dubai make you delve into a shopping ecstasy which is, but the city’s virtue. Every single showbiz in the shopping centres waits like a temptress for the visitors to come and grab them.

So get your ‘shopping conscience’ clear while visiting this city of indulgence because once you start to shop, it is simply hard to stop. To help you zero in on what to shop in Dubai, we have listed some important points to consider:

NOTE: As Dubai is now a major tourist destination, it is not the bargain centre that it used to be in the past years. So try not to fall under the stereotype that you can buy stuff at flat discounts!

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1. Arabian Souvenirs
If you are one of those Indians looking forward to bring home the reminiscent of Persian essence and beauty, Arabian souvenirs are the best way to go. The traditional items from the Middle East reflect the Bedouin culture and its historic nomadic lifestyle. One rule of thumb while buying traditional items is that they usually come from Oman and their prices vary enormously. Although the souks might convince you with their best prices, finding the right seller is quite easy. Carpets and rugs are a must buy! You will find an endless selection of hand-made as well as knitted carpets in Dubai. Moreover, the dazzling displays of carpets made with premium materials make it even harder to resist. Coffee pots, decorative daggers, ancient rifles, falconry accoutrement and wedding chests are some of the other popular buys. Traditional jewellery items are also great souvenirs. Most local jewellery such as earrings, bracelets and necklaces are made of heavy silver. Arabic perfumes carry the elegance of Dubai and they have a quirky fragrance which serves as a reminiscent of royal dynasties. You will be surprised to get perfumes at seemingly affordable prices.

2. Chocolates
When in Dubai, you wouldn’t want to miss out on indulging in the superlative selection of rich chocolates. Just like Europe, Dubai offers the best collection of chocolates from all around the world and you will come across different chocolate varieties just about everywhere.

3. Gold
Coined as the ‘City of Gold’, Dubai is famous for offering high quality gold at flat rates. Although the country’s norms keep gold pricing at international rates, you might be lucky enough to settle for low rates in the gold souks. Most of the gold generally comes in the form of jewellery and ornaments.

Electronic Gadgets
If you are a techie, then exploring Dubai and its vast sea of electronic gadgets will leave you in awe. And as Dubai enjoys duty-free import, you can find an amazing collection of electronic gadgets at feasible prices. In this tech savvy city with so many options, choosing smartphones, tablets, laptops, wearables, camera and home appliances is sure to drive you nuts. So, to make the most of this shopper’s paradise, get hold of your IndusInd Forex card while shopping. Adieu!



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