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Mumbai-based Shama was travelling to Australia. After two years, she will be meeting her best friend Nandini who got married and settled in Queensland. Both were friends from their school days and have spent their initial years together. After completing graduation, both moved to different cities for work. Later, Nandini shifted to Queensland. Shama was excited to reunite with Nandini after so many years.

Shama had heard a lot about Queensland which is also known as the Sunshine State of Australia for its sun-kissed beaches. Once in Queensland, Nandini took Shama to explore the beautiful landscape of the state. They visited the Great Barrier Reef. There, Shama tried snorkelling and explored the vivid marine life. Nandini took Shama to visit Daintree National Park. This is world’s oldest surviving rainforest and is also home to world’s highest concentration of endangered and threatened species of animals. It has more than 18,000 plant species. They also visited Whitsunday Islands and the beautiful Port Douglas.

Shama wanted to explore the malls and markets in Queensland, so Nandini took her to the Queen Street Mall. This was a mall Nandini preferred as it offered a wide range of shopping experience. Shama bought a lot of things from there. However, while shopping, Shama found that she fell short of money. She borrowed money from Nandini and told her that she would return it when back in India.

After coming back from Queensland, Shama was puzzled as she didn’t know how to send money to Australia .

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Transfer Money to Australia

IndusInd Bank provides wire transfer services through which you can easily transfer money to Australia. It’s highly secure way for transferring money to accounts in Australia or any other country.

The transaction is done through the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication or SWIFT. This is a legalised network that every major financial institution uses for carrying out their financial transactions all over the globe. IndusInd Bank is a member of SWIFT.

Transfer Money to Australia Online
To send money to Australia online , just log into your net banking account using the username and password provided by the bank. Select the money transfer option and then put the desired amount. Also, provide the account details of the recipient for completing the transfer.

Using the wire transfer services by IndusInd Bank, you can transfer foreign currencies such as Saudi Riyal, British Pound Sterling, American Dollar, Canadian and Singaporean dollar, UAE Dirham, Japanese Yen, and Swiss Franc, to name a few. It’s fast and takes only two to four business days to complete the transaction.

For doing a wire transfer to Australia, you need to visit the bank and provide the account details of the recipient to the bank so that they can complete the wire transfer. However, if you do not want to visit the bank, you can transfer money from your home through online.


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