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How To Send Money To Canada From India


Renu applied for a three-week leave at her office in Mumbai. It was her cousin’s wedding who was settled in Montreal, and she had to be there. It was a week –long affair, but Renu was supposed to help her cousin with the shopping and other preparations. She also had to buy a gift for her cousin and planned to buy it once she reached Montreal. Everything was running as per plan. Renu had prepared a list of places she will be visiting once the wedding was over. She had also made a list of shopping districts to visit for completing the wedding shopping. Her cousin wanted Renu to decide the Bridal dress for her. Just a few days before her departure, Renu’s boss informed her that she had to be present for a meeting for an upcoming project. The client will be visiting their office soon, and Renu’s presence was a must. Renu too understood that the project was a big one and if Renu could make the deal then that would mean a significant leap in her career. Renu didn’t want to let go this opportunity. She called up her sister and explained the entire situation to her. She wasn’t ready to hear any excuse at first and was very angry with Renu. She couldn’t imagine that Renu won’t be present on her big day. However, after a while, she understood Renu’s dilemma and made her promise to visit her as soon as her work was over.

Now that Renu wasn’t going, she decided to send the money to her cousin’s account as her wedding gift. Now, the problem was, Renu didn’t know how to send money to Canada quickly.

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How to send money from India to Canada
You can transfer funds to overseas bank accounts through wire transfer services IndusInd Bank offers this service to send money to Canada or any other overseas accounts. This is an easy and safe way for transferring foreign currency abroad. The transaction takes place through a network called the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT). You have to visit the bank to transfer money. You need to provide information including the name of the recipient, his/her bank account details. You also need to provide the SWIFT code of the recipient's bank along with the name of the bank and address. Even if you do not have an account with the IndusInd Bank, you can still use the services of IndusInd Bank

Send money through Net Banking
You can also transfer money from the comfort of your home using net banking. With the username and password provided by the bank, simply log into your net banking account. Select the transfer option and put the bank account details and the amount you want to transfer.


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