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Sumit was travelling to Saudi Arabia to visit his cousin staying in Riyadh. His cousin Ajit was staying there for more than a year for work purpose. Sumit was pretty excited to travel to Saudi Arabia as he had heard a lot of things about the country and wanted to witness it.

He made a list of places to visit and discussed it with his cousin. When in Riyadh, Sumit visited the Masmak Fort, a castle that was made using clay and bricks. The old castle played a major part in the history of the country. The recapture of Riyadh in 1902 took place in that castle. It’s now turned into a museum. Sumit explored the guns, costumes and exhibits from the past that were related to the ancient civilisation of the country. He also visited the Deerah Souk and did a lot of shopping. Located just behind the Masmak Fort, Deerah Souk is the best place to buy souvenirs at really low price. He bought shawls, scented oils, spices, accessories, and lightweight gold jewellery for his mother. Ajit also took Sumit to the Sky Bridge Kingdom Centre. It’s the tallest skyscraper in Riyadh. It has two high-speed lifts that take the viewers to the top. The place offers a spectacular view of the amazing skyline of Riyadh both at daytime and during night. He also visited the Edge of the World which is a part of the Tuwaiq Escarpment and is a common trekking spot.

Sumit enjoyed his stay a lot, but he was worried as he had already spent a majority of his money in shopping and exploring the city. He borrowed some money from Ajit and promised him to repay it once he was back in India. After he had come back to India, he faced a new dilemma. He didn’t know how to do money transfer to Saudi Arabia . His father suggested him to use the wire transfer services by the IndusInd Bank.

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Wire transfer to Saudi Arabia

Transferring money to Saudi Arabia is very easy. You can use the wire transfer services offered by the IndusInd Bank for transferring money to Saudi Arabia. This is an easy and secure way for transferring money to overseas accounts. The money is transferred to overseas accounts through Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication or SWIFT. All major financial institutions across the world are members of SWIFT. If you wish to do a wire transfer, you have to visit the bank. Provide information such as the name of the recipient, bank account details and SWIFT code of the bank.

Money Transfer to Saudi Arabia through Net Banking
You can also transfer money to overseas account without visiting the bank. For that, use net banking services. You have to log into your net banking account with the username and password provided by the bank. After logging in, provide the account details of the recipient along with the desired amount. Also, put the SWIFT details to complete the transfer.


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