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How To Send Money From India To Saudi Arabia?


A few years ago, Arjun's uncle moved to Riyadh for a job purpose. Since then, he has been inviting Arjun and his parents to come and visit him. He wanted to show them around the city and explore other places in Saudi Arabia with them.Since Arjun had just completed his graduation,he was eager to go on a vacation before enrolling for his higher studies. With a strong urge to explore the desert city, he decided to go and visit his uncle with his parents. He was mostly excited about tasting the amazing Arabic delicacies and going on the camel trail to the edge of the world in Saudi Arabia. For all these years, he had only heard stories about the desert country from his uncle; now he was so thrilled to visit the place himself that he could hardly wait.

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Once in Riyadh, Arjun and his parents explored the city. They visited the museums, magnificent forts and of course, the Riyadh Zoo. They also went to the Edge of the World in Riyadh. Arjun's mother, who was keen on buying gold jewellery was thrilled to see plentyof gold souks (marketplace) in Riyadh and purchased various jewellery items for everyone back home. In the middle of their shopping spree, Arjun's father fell short of money and so Arjun's uncle paid for the rest of the shopping. His father told him that once he goes back to India, he will transfer the amount to his account.

On reaching India, Arjun's father was confused about the best way to send money to Saudi Arabia He had never transferred money overseas and was unsure about its safety. His colleagues suggested him to do the transaction through wire transfer service by IndusInd Bank as it is completely safe.

Best way to Transfer money from India to Saudi Arabia

Wire Transfer is the most popular way of transferring money to Saudi Arabia or any other country. IndusInd Bank also offers this service. In this process, also known as Telegraphic Transfer (TT), the bank transfers money electronically through a network called the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication or SWIFT. SWIFT is safe, secure and has a legalised framework that ensures maximum security of your money.

The IndusInd Bank is a member of SWIFT and offers fast and secure money transfer to overseas accounts. With IndusInd Bank, you can transfer currencies such as Saudi Riyal, American Dollar, Pound Sterling, Canadian and Singaporean dollars, UAE Dirham, Swiss Franc and Japanese Yen. With wire transfer, it takes only two to four business days to complete the transaction.

Transfer Money through Net Banking

You can also transfer money from the comfort of your home through net banking. All you need is the amount and bank account details of the recipient along with the SWIFT code of the bank for transferring money.


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