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What Is Famous In Australia For Shopping


Given that Australia is home to excellent tastes and fancy lifestyle, shopping in the country can be excruciating too. Especially if you are looking for authentic items, you’ll have to dig in deeper.

Here we’ve listed out some of the things that you might consider buying in Australia.

1. Boomerangs

Visiting Australia and not buying a boomerang would be a bummer. Considering the authentic history of boomerang that is associated with sports and hunting, you definitely should take back home the memoirs of Australian antiquity. And not all boomerangs return back (mind you, there’s a big misconception about it).

Originally, non-returning boomerangs were used for hunting while the returning ones were designed for sports. But now you can get boomerangs that are made out of high-tech materials.

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2. Didgeridoos

Although most (normal) people don’t buy didgeridoos as a souvenir or interior decor, you can be the odd one out. Just so you’d know - a didgeridoo is a traditional aboriginal wind instrument made of a long bamboo. As the instrument measures several feet long, you’ll have to ship it. However, smaller and portable ones are also available at lesser price. Didgeridoos make a great souvenir and decorative piece as they are based on typical Australian themes.

3. Beach Clothing

Aussies take swimming very seriously as it is a sacred ritual. You’ll get cool shorts, flip-flops, bathing suits and t-shirts at low prices - especially in the beach markets. You might even consider buying a bush hat to protect yourself from the sun. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you overdo the ‘outback’ get-up and look like Crocodile Dundee.

4. Aboriginal Art

If you are passionate about lineage story-telling, then Aboriginal art is a must-buy item when in Australia. You can come across some of the finest Aboriginal art in galleries, tourist markets and aboriginal communities. One great tip while choosing the paintings is to buy directly from the artists themselves as each painting has a story to tell. Likewise, paintings by reputed artists cost more and tourist-class ones cost low.

5. Coogi Sweaters

Although Coogi sweater is a popular buy in Australia, they don’t come at low prices. And for those unaware about Coogi, it is a renowned Aussie brand which makes apparels with unigue design. The sweaters (jumpers) feature asymmetrical woven patterns which are computer generated. The brand guarantees that these patterns are different for each sweater. You might get feasible discounts in Melbourne though.

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