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Shruti was pretty excited about her much-awaited trip to Dubai. She has been planning for this month-long vacation from a while. She was more excited because this would be the first time that she will be travelling overseas with her family. Her sister loved shopping and couldn't wait to reach one of the greatest shopping hubs of the world. Shruti's parents were more amazed by the incredible architecture and the skyline of Dubai dominated by massive ultra-modern skyscrapers. Till now, they have only read about them in the magazines or have watched a few videos on the internet. Now, they were standing just a few days away from watching their dreams come true. Shruti had already planned a few activities for her parents and sister. Apart from visiting the current tallest skyscraper in the world Burj Khalifa and other amazing structures, she also plans to take them on a desert safari and a hot air balloon ride. For shopping, she had planned to visit the Dubai Mall. Everything was planned, but Shruti was a bit worried but the funds. With the foreign exchange rates in India fluctuating now and then, she was a bit confused about where to get the best currency exchange rate. Her friends and colleagues suggested her to get the Forex Card of IndusInd Bank.

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Why Forex Card?

Using a Forex card is the best way to ensure that you get the best foreign currency exchange rate. With a Forex card from IndusInd Bank , you are safe from currency fluctuations. This is because the value of your Forex amount loaded on the card is determined by the current rate of the day, and that remains fixed. So, you can easily load your Forex card on the day when exchange rates are favourable.

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Forex Card

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