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Forex Card For Japan


After marriage, Sanjay’s sister Jyoti shifted to Tokyo with her husband. Her husband was working as a regional HR of an MNC in Japan. For the past one year, the only means of communication between Sanjay and Jyoti was video calling. Sanjay was longing to meet his sister. Her birthday was also approaching, so Sanjay decided to visit his sister, explore places with her and take her out for shopping.

Sanjay started preparing for his journey to Japan. He made a list of must-visit places which included Sensō-ji, Tokyo’s oldest Buddhist temple. The temple is dedicated to Bodhisattva Kannon also called Guan Yin. He wanted to explore Yanesen. Jyoti told him once that this is one of the few districts in Tokyo where one can witness the old town ambience also called shitamachi atmosphere. This place exposes the people to the old-world charm of Tokyo. He also wanted to visit the beautiful Imperial Palace and East Garden.

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Sanjay wanted to explore that place and experience its essence. He was particularly interested in visiting the Hachiko statue in Shibuya. The statue celebrates the life of Japan’s most famous dog. The loyal dog used to greet his master at the station every day. After his master died and didn’t return, the dog waited for his master at the station for nine years till his death. Hachiko became the national symbol of loyalty. Sanjay had watched the film on Hachiko and now wanted to visit the place.

He wanted to take his sister to the Nakamise shopping street which is one of the oldest shopping centres in Tokyo to buy her gifts of her choice.

His friends suggested him to take a Forex card with him for convenience. However, he was unsure which was the best Forex card for Japan. His friends suggested him to use travel card by the IndusInd Bank.

Best Travel Card for Japan

The Forex card by the IndusInd Bank is among the top rated cards for travellers. It is extremely convenient and easy to use. You can use this card to buy travel tickets online or for carrying out any transactions online, for paying bills at shops, petrol pumps, and hotels. Moreover, if you need immediate money, then you can use your Forex card to withdraw money from ATMs. Here are a few benefits of IndusInd Forex travel card for Japan:

• The Forex card from IndusInd Bank comes with a high-security chip embedded in it.
• You can use it just like you use your debit or credit card.
• You will get instant alerts for all transactions.



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