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How To Send Money From India To New Zealand


Soham has just completed his MBA and was waiting for his results. He already had a job offer in his hand. But before he joined the company, he planned to take two weeks off and visit his cousin in New Zealand. His cousin has been staying in New Zealand for the last three years and always insisted Soham to visit the place. But at that time, Soham was busy with his semester exam and studies. Now that he had amplefree time, he headed straight to New Zealand. Soham had heard a lot about New Zealand and his adventurous soul couldn't wait to visit the adventure capital of the world. He had already prepared a list of things to do. From bungee jumping and skydiving to hiking the Tongariro Crossing, he wanted to utilise every bit of the two long weeksthathe had in his hand.

Soham had a great time with his cousin in New Zealand. Now before he returned back to India, he decided to quickly go shopping for his parents and sister back in India. However, he realised that he doesn’t have enough money. So, he borrowed money from his cousin and bought gifts and souvenirs for his family. Now, once back in India, he planned to do a money transfer to New Zealand However, he didn't know how to send money to New Zealand. His relatives suggested him to use the wire transfer services offered by the IndusInd Bank as it is the best way to send money to New Zealand and any other country.

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Best Way for Money Transfer to New Zealand

One of the most popular and fastest solutions for transferring money to New Zealand is through wire transfer This process is safe, secure, and hassle-free. The transaction happens through the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT), a network through which major financial institutions across the globe send and receive money. Since SWIFT is a legalised framework, your money is completely secure when transferred through this network.

For sending money, you need the bank details of the recipient along with the SWIFTBIC code of the recipient's bank. For transferring money to overseas bank, you have to pay a nominal fee.

IndusInd Bank offers fast and secure transfer of money to bank accounts abroad It takes two to four business days to complete the transaction through wire transfer. With wire transfer service, you will get amazing foreign exchange rates too.

Transfer money through Net Banking

Apart from wire transfer, you can also send money to New Zealand or any other country through net banking. IndusInd Bank also offers net banking services. Once you have activated the service, log into the account with your username and password provided by the bank, find the option for transfer, put the amount and bank details of the receiver and transfer money easily.


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