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Safest Way To Send Money Abroad


Shruti was planning to travel to Amsterdam with her friends. This was the first time she was going on an overseas trip without her parents and siblings. Naturally, her parents were worried. However, their key concern was how would they send money abroad to Shruti if she fell short of money? They were looking for the safest way to send money abroad. Plagued with problems such as unnecessary delays and huge fee, sending money abroad seemed a big deal to them.

This is where wire transfer came to their rescue. Keeping aside all the inconvenience caused by traditional ways of money transfer, wire transfer provided them with a safe and secure environment to carry out a transaction.

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Wire Transfer is the best and the safest way to send money abroad. This is not only safe but also the quickest way to do so. Concerning reliability and keeping in mind the safety concerns, some people are now opting for wire transfers compared to other conventional ways of sending money abroad. But before we look further, let's find out what wire transfer is.

Wire transfer is an electronic way of sending money abroad. Nowadays, all type of payments and transfers are performed online, but out of all, wire transfer is the safest, secure, and is pretty fast. Wire transfers are completely safe. This is mainly because the transfers take place through a secured network and all the documents are strictly verified before making a transfer. For instance, if you want to transfer money from a bank in India to any other bank abroad, both you and the recipient must have a bank account for initiating a wire transfer. Since each and every step is thoroughly verified, so there is no chance of any security lapse in a wire transfer. Once the recipient receives the foreign money in their account, they can easily withdraw it anytime they want.

However, when using wire transfer services, ensure that you are doing it through banks. Also, make sure that you know the person you are sending money to. Avoid transferring money to any random agency that gives out the proceeds in cash as anyone with a fake ID can collect the money.

With IndusInd bank’s wire transfer services , send money abroad in safely and in a hassle-free manner.


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