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Shopping In USA


USA is a mini world in itself, and the best part is that the country is a paradise for shoppers. The country is home to some of the world’s biggest shopping malls. It offers a blend of high-end and budget-friendly shopping experience. Here, we have prepared a mixed bag list of some of the best places for shopping in the USA.

1. Century 21 – Manhattan
If you are a fashionista, then Century 21 can be dangerously addictive for you. Impressive discounts are what amass visitors in Century 21 all year round. Apart from a vast collection of women’s and men’s wear, the shopping centre also has a diverse stock of product categories including cosmetics, kid’s wear, home decor, and electronics. The store also serves as an emotional flashpoint of the 9/11 and was reopened in the summer of 2002 after heavy interior damage caused by the attack.

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2. Walmart
If you don’t shop in Walmart, you don’t shop in the US at all. Fairly popular as the nation’s largest retailer, Walmart is spread across more than 5000 locations in the country. You can get anything and everything in Walmart.

3. Gravel & Gold – San Francisco
If you are on the hippie front, then visiting Gravel & Gold is a must for you. The shop epitomises the classic hippie style, and you can get your hands on perky items such as signature boob-print totes, hand-printed smock-dresses, rare books, silk-screened posters, stoneware mugs, and everything Californian.

4. Criminal Records – Atlanta
If you are planning to shop records and music-related items, then visit Criminal Records. The throwback record store is stacked with libraries of CD and vinyl that span various music genres including new pop, jazz, blues, soul, rock, metal, dance, etc. Criminal Records also has a music-related book section which includes an impressive collection of graphic novels and comic books.

5. Mall of America – Minnesota

People watching, leisure shopping, and eating; that’s what you can do in the Mall of America. Hailed as the largest shopping mall in the country, Mall of America is the favourite shopping place for every type of visitors – fitness fiends, shopaholics, sports buffs, foodies, and game addicts.

Given the 4.3 miles of storefronts inside the Mall of America, you can find everything that you are looking for. One great perk of shopping at the Mall of America is that there’s no sales tax included. One of the biggest fascinations is the mall’s giant aquarium that houses turtles, stingrays and sharks.

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