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Just a few months ago, Gautam’s brother Siddharth shifted to Miami. He has taken admission in the Miami University. He was doing a Major programme in Graphic Designing. Siddharth was an extremely talented boy, and Gautam had always inspired him to further his skills and studies. Siddharth was doing a part-time job to manage his expenses abroad. He didn’t want to bother his brother for his small necessities. However, the problem was that he had to do a compulsory summer internship which was a part of their course. For that, he had to leave his part-time job and focus on his studies and internship.

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Meanwhile, his friends were planning to go for camping at Oleta River State Park. This was the largest urban park in Florida. It has miles of biking trail that includes both easy and challenging trails. Beautiful mangrove forest surrounds it. They were also planning to try kayaking in the river, reserve canoes and bicycle for exploring the area. Not only that, on their way back, they were planning to visit the Ancient Spanish Monastery and Greynolds Park. They had heard that the park was extremely beautiful and a haven for nature lovers. Siddharth didn’t want to miss the opportunity. But he didn’t have enough money for the trip. He finally decided to ask Gautam to send him money. Gautam agreed at once but the problem was, he has never done a wire transfer to the USA before. He didn’t know the best way to do quick money transfer to the USA. His friends suggested him to try the wire transfer option offered by the IndusInd Bank. They told him it was the best way to send money to overseas account is a secure way.

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Doing a money transfer to the USA is easier now. The IndusInd Bank offers wire transfer services - the most preferred way of transferring money to overseas accounts. For doing a wire transfer, you have to visit the nearest branch of the IndusInd Bank and talk to the officials. If you do not have an account in the bank, don’t worry; you can still do a wire transfer. Provide details such as address proof, identity proof, and any other documents required by the bank. With IndusInd Bank, you can transfer currencies such as Japanese Yen, UAE Dirham, British Pound, Saudi Riyal, American Dollar, Canadian and Singaporean dollars, and Swiss Franc, to name a few. It takes two to four business days for completing the transaction.

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For doing a wire transfer, you have to visit the bank. But you can also transfer money from the comfort of your home by doing it online. Activate your net banking services with the IndusInd Bank. Log into your net banking account and check the money transfer option. Now provide details such as the amount that you want to transfer along with the account number and the SWIFT code of the recipient’s bank.


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