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How To Transfer Money To An International Bank


Asha’s childhood friend Ankit who stay in Singapore was getting married and he wanted Asha to attend all the ceremonies. The wedding date was in the mid-week of the following month. Asha planned to do all the wedding shopping in Singapore . After she arrived in Singapore, Asha’s first destination was Orchard Road. There was no other place better than kickstarting her shopping spree. Orchard Road is conveniently stacked with shopping malls and retail stores one after the other. From neon-lit malls to local designer boutiques, it was home to everything. From Giorgio Armani and Zara to Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton, it’s a paradise for brand lovers.

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Asha was literally dumbstruck by the glitz and glamour of Orchard Street. She shopped wedding gifts and a few dresses and accessories for herself. After returning home, she realised that she was running low on money. She loaned money from Ankit and immediately called her father back in India. She asked him to transfer money to Ankit’s account. Asha’s father had never done money transfer to an overseas bank account so, he was completely clueless about the process. Asha suggested him to visit the nearest branch of the IndusInd bank and talk to the officials about transferring money to an overseas account. She told him that the process was easy and convenient.

Send Money to Overseas Bank Account

Now sending money to an overseas bank account is easier. Wire transfer is the most popular way for doing a money transfer to overseas account. The IndusInd Bank offers wire transfer services. In wire transfer, the money is transferred electronically through a network called the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication or SWIFT. This network ensures the safety of all the transaction. All major banks and other financial institutions throughout the world is a member of SWIFT and use this network for financial transcations. If you want to do a wire transfer, you have to visit the bank. However, if you do not wish to visit the bank then you may transfer your money through net banking.

Bank Account Monet Transfer Overseas through Net Banking

This is another convenient way of transferring money to the overseas account. If you do not wish to visit the bank, use net banking to transfer money to overseas bank accounts. You have to activate the service and then log into your account using the username and password provided by the bank. Provide the amount, bank account details of the recipient, and the SWIFT code for transferring money to an overseas account.


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