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Forex Card For USA


For quite a few months, Warangal-based freelance writer and blogger, Ritu was planning a trip to the USA. Her elder brother Rohan was staying in Wichita, Kansas. It’s been almost two years since Ritu last met Rohan. Moreover, just a month back Rohan got married. Ritu couldn’t attend his wedding in the US. She wanted to meet her sister-in-law as well and so, was trying to take time out from her busy work schedule. She decided to take a month-long break and visit Rohan in the US. He was more than excited to hear the news and started planning about things to do during Ritu’s stay in the US.

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Ritu wanted to explore Kansas. She wanted to explore the Tallgrass Prairie National Reserve at Kansas. She heard from Rohan that it’s a beautiful place and protects the tallgrass ecosystem that once covered a vast portion of North America. But now it’s dwindling. Rohan had been to this location many times and told Ritu that he could take her to a guided tour exploring the natural trails of the National Reserve.

Ritu also wanted to visit the Monument Rocks that are located about 20 miles south of Oakley. It was about 4 to 5 hours drive from Wichita. Also known as the Chalk Pyramids, this impressive structure is a favourite place for people interested in Geology. Ritu had heard that fossils of marine life were still visible on the rocks. She wanted to visit the Pillsbury Crossing Wildlife Area. She had seen photographs of the Deep Creek Waterfall there. Last year Rohan went there for hiking and canoeing. He had sent the pictures to Ritu. She instantly fell in love with that place. And now that she was finally visiting Rohan, she wanted him to take her to the Deep Creek Waterfall. She wanted to try hiking, canoeing, and fishing in the waters of the creek.

She started preparing for the trip. Ritu wanted to carry a Forex card with her for convenience. However, she wasn’t sure about which were the best Forex cards in India. Her friends suggested her to get an IndusInd Forex card for her USA trip.

Best Travel Card for the USA

IndusInd Forex card offers superior convenience to the users. You can use this travel card to carry out cashless transactions. Be it for paying bills at restaurants, shops, hotels, petrol pumps or for buying tickets; you can use it for any purpose. This card is completely safe. It has a high-security chip embedded in it.

Best Travel Card for the USA

Even if you lose/misplace your card, you can get another one easily. Just inform the bank about the incident and the bank will send you another card to the location and address provide by you. The banks usually dispatch the new Forex card within 48 hours.



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