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Forex Card


When you are travelling abroad, you can use Forex travel card by IndusInd Bank for paying hotel bills, shopping, online ticket booking, money withdrawal from ATMs plus a lot more. You can load your card with a single currency or with multiple currencies. Multi-currency card by the IndusInd Bank is especially useful for people who travel to multiple overseas locations frequently. This means you can use a single card for withdrawing money or carrying out transactions at multiple countries.

For benefits and instructions related to IndusInd Forex card, please download the Handbook

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IndusInd Forex card easy to use

With the IndusInd Forex card, you can enjoy a cashless travel and shopping experience. With this Forex travel card you can carry out monetary transactions overseas, also it safeguards you from fluctuation of currency exchange rates. Apart from that, you can keep track of your transactions easily as you will be notified about them through text messages and e-mails.

How To Use A Forex Travel Card?

Using a Forex travel card is very easy. You can use it just like you use your debit and credit card. When you are travelling overseas, you can use the multi-currency card for paying hotel bills, for making purchases at various shops, online websites and restaurants. All you need to do is enter your PIN or signature for completing the transaction.

Why get Multi-currency Card by IndusInd Bank?

The multi-currency card from the IndusInd Bank has many benefits.
• You can load the card with currencies such as UAE Dirham, Canadian Dollar, US Dollar, Euro, Great Britain Pound, Saudi Riyal, Australian Dollar, and Singapore Dollar.
• The card has a high-security chip embedded in it. So, you need not worry about the security of your card or transactions.
• You can use this card at petrol pumps, buying things at shops or for paying bills without any extra charge.
• Carry out online transactions.
• It is a safer option. With this card, you need not worry if you lose it. Immediately inform the bank about the incident. They will send you another card at the location provided by you.
• Using a multi-currency card from IndusInd Bank saves you from currency fluctuation. It’s because the value of the currency you are loading in your card is determined by the exchange rate of that day. And that rate is fixed.
• You can easily track your spending with this Forex travel card. For every transaction, you will receive instant alerts.
• You need not worry about the remaining cash in your card. Once you return to India, you can easily encash it. You have to complete a few formalities. After that, you will get a complete refund.


Forex Card

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